The Who's In Report will show you the current status of each of your employees at the moment the report is generated

While it is possible to run this report, the best place to see a list of Who's In is right on the Home Dashboard - 

From the Dashboard you can simply click on the employee's name which will direct you to their timesheet

However, if you need to generate an Exceptions Report, either click on the View Report button on the Home screen (as shown above) or go to Reports > Management > Who's In

Then use the filters - Employees, Department, Pay Period, and/or Location - to select the desired parameters for the report

Then hit the Load button -

Here is a typical Who's In Report - 

Use the Search icon to find specific data, which is conveniently highlighted in the report - 

The Scroll buttons  enable you to toggle between single sheet view or continuous flow view

All of the Reports in your Workforce TNA application have 3 Save As options -