Daily Rules are a calculation rule for a 24hr window of time.  A daily rule carries the bulk of how time will calculate on a particular day.  An unlimited number of Daily Rules can be created, these are then assigned to a Schedule, and the Schedule is then assigned to Employees.

RDO Settings:

RDO Settings allows you to configure how any RDO/TOIL/TIL will calculate on this Daily Rule if applicable.  RDO option needs to first be enabled in System Settings > General.

Expected Standard Hours:

This is the value of Base/Ordinary hours that need to be worked first before time will be calculated to RDO/TOIL/TIL.  Enter this value in hours:minutes.

Expected RDO Earnt:

This is the value of TDO/TOIL/TIL that is expected to be accrued on a certain day.  If there is no limit to the value then leave at 00:00.  Typically RDO calculations will have a value here, whereas TOIL/TIL will typically be 00:00.

Cap Hours for Expected RDO Earnt:

Use this value to cap the value of RDO/TOIL/TIL that is Expected to be Earnt.  Typically RDO calculations will be capped to a value whereas TOIL/TIL calculations typically have no cap.