1. Login to your PaySync account and navigate to Settings:

2. Under 'Your Payroll Type' click the Authorize Now button for Xero:

3. You'll see a short description while the page re-directs to the Xero authorization page:

4. Choose the appropriate Xero Organisation to authorize and click Allow Access:

Your PaySync account is now authorized to your Xero account.

If you've completed the step to link Aussie Time Sheets software to PaySync you can now process your timesheets and leave in Aussie Time Sheets and push the approved data to your Xero account in seconds.  If you haven't linked Aussie Time Sheets and PaySync yet, please follow these quick steps:


This solution is referencing the Aussie Time Sheets - PaySync Software, for more information please visit: https://aussietimesheets.com.au/pages/aussie-time-sheets-paysync-cloud-payroll-integration