Your Subscription Details are crucial to be correct, as they pre-populate throughout the entire Onboarding legal document series. 

Any forms for the employee that need the company name, address, ABN, and branch number will populate from the details entered here. eg, Tax File Declaration Form

The 'Account Contact' is who will receive any subscription renewal invoices to be paid.

***Please ensure once you have filled this full section out, you go to 'List Management' and enter all the details needed in there for the new employees to be able to select their language, employment type, department, location, and so on. 

You will also need to upload the documents you need new employees to view, eg, Company Policies and Procedures, etc. 

Then you will be ready to send the Onboarding link for new employees to fill out their details online to pre-populate through documents and save trees and time while we are there. ***