Users are the only people Aussie Time Sheet staff will be able to make changes or speak to ATS on behalf of this Subscription. 

The Account contact should be in here as well as any other staff using or accessing this Onboarding software. 

Account contact being the person who receives invoice renewals. 

You can add a User by pressing the blue Add User button. 

Enter their first and last name, along with their email and you can tick whether they are an Admin User or not. 

A User is someone who can add new employees, which then emails a link to the new employee to add their employment information.

An Admin User is a user that has 'Is Admin' ticked can add other Users as well as add new employees to fill out their employee information, via the link emailed to them. 

Press SAVE at the bottom of the page to save changes

Delete Users by clicking the red rubbish bin, then confirm changes. 

Pressing the blue key next to the red rubbish bin will automatically send a password reset link to reset their Onboarding login password